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xFixit | iPhone Repair Shop Savannah, MacBook, Computer, iPad,Samsung, LG

xFixit offers Savannah’s most advanced repair services on Apple iPhone , iPad , iPod, Windows laptops, MacBook Pro, SAMSUNG, LG, & Motorola ( Android ) smartphones / tablets

We take pride in a 1 hour or less service time on most repairs.

While we specialize in battery replacements & cracked screens / glass replacement we also provide solutions for water damaged phones, tablets and laptops, charging port issues, logic board damage, soldering repairs, & free diagnostic on all electronics issues. 

  We have a huge stock of Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook and Samsung Galaxy replacement parts.  Our staff brings decades of experience to every repair in order to guarantee customer satisfaction every time. 

xFixit is Savannah’s leading iPhone / iPad / iPod / Mac / Laptop / MacBook / Samsung / LG / Motorola repair center. 

IFIXIT @x Fix it

 Fast, efficient, expert repairs on all iPhone models,in Savannah.

 Do you have an iPhone ™ 3GS , iPhone ™ 4 , iPhone ™ 4s, iPhone 5 ™, iPhone 5C ™, iPhone 5S ™ , iPhone 6 ™ ,  iPhone 6 Plus ™, iPhone 6S ™ , iPhone 6S Plus

or a Phone SE ™ with a broken screen and/or cracked digitizer (glass) ?

xFixit can help you! We can replace your damaged screen or glass same day, usually in one hour or less!

We have the tools and expertise to repair your iPhone ™ locally, right here in Savannah!
If the back glass / battery cover is broken, we can replace it at the same time.

Fastest, most affordable repairs in Savannah on the latest Samsung models!

Note 5, Note 4, Note 3, Note 2, Note Edge, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S5, S4, S3, Optimus, and Prime models.

xFixit uses a unique glass only replacement process, and was one of the first repair shops in the world to offer this service.

xFixit has performed thousands of glass only repairs, for customers right here in Savannah, and from all over the world!

 Our repair process is faster, and produces a repair that is virtually indistinguishable from a brand new factory screen.  Our process uses the very same glass, adhesive and chemicals as the factory.Glass only repairs help our customers save 30% – 60%  vs replacing the entire LCD assembly.

  How do you tell if your phone is eligible for glass only repair?  It’s simple, if your screen is cracked (broken glass), but you can see still whats on the screen and use the phone, then your eligible.  If your screen is totally black, you will need to replace your entire screen, but that's okay!
 We offer the lowest prices anywhere on full screen replacements for all models! As well as batteries, charging ports, headphone jacks, speakers and ear pieces.



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