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41. iPod 5th Generation Repair
(iPod 5th Repair)
iPod  5th Repair Tustin, Orange City, CA Do you have an iPod Touch ™ 5th Generation model number A1421 with a cracked, broken or dead screen?  Are you having sound or headphone issues?  We can take care ...
Created on 29 June 2016
42. LG Nexus 6 Repair
(LG Nexus 6)
... quality?  Having trouble hearing people in calls and or them hearing you? Headphone jack, loudspeaker, buttons or frame damage after a nasty drop?  Let our expert technicians quickly diagnose and resolve ...
Created on 23 April 2016
43. LG Nexus 5 Repair
(LG Google Nexus 5)
... of LG parts in the area.  Cracked screen?  Touch not working?  Problems with battery draining quickly or not charging?  Issues with camera quality, headphone jack damaged, or loudspeaker not functioning? ...
Created on 23 April 2016
44. LG G4 Repair
(LG G4)
... resolve issues with broken frames, headphone jacks, ear pieces, microphones and loudspeakers.  Battery not charging or draining quickly?  There's no repair to big or too small for xFixit's experienced professional ...
Created on 23 April 2016
45. LG G3 Repair
(LG G3)
  LG G3 Repair Irvine, CA, LG G3 Screen Replacement xFixit has a huge inventory of high quality replacement parts for all your LG repair needs!  When your phone takes a bad fall and your screen ...
Created on 23 April 2016
46. LG G2 Repair
(LG G2)
  LG G2 Repair Irvine, CA, LG G2 Screen Replacement Cracked screen? No touch? Issues with sound such as people can't hear you and or you can't hear them or no sound from loudspeaker?  Battery draining ...
Created on 23 April 2016
47. Galaxy S6 EDGE Repair
(Galaxy S6 EDGE)
... all carriers in all colors.   No waiting days or weeks or sometimes months on parts and service.  We carry replacement LCD's and back glass in all colors for all models.  If your phone isn't charging or ...
Created on 22 April 2016
48. Galaxy S6 Repair
(Galaxy S6 )
... in no time!  When your phone won't charge or your battery drains quickly we stock quality replacement parts to have you up and running again!  We also provide same day affordable service for all other issues ...
Created on 22 April 2016
49. Galaxy S5 Repair
(Galaxy S5)
... battery life?  Our professional staff will diagnose and repair the issue in less than an hour!  We also carry quality replacement cameras, loudspeaker, microphones, antennas, vibe motors, home buttons, ...
Created on 22 April 2016
50. Galaxy S4 Repair
(Galaxy S4)
Galaxy S4 Repair Irvine CA | Galaxy S4 Screen Replacement Is your screen cracked, damaged, or experiencing touch issues?  Is your battery life not what it used to be or does your phone not charge ...
Created on 22 April 2016
51. iPhone Repair
iPhone repair near me iPhone Repair Orange County California Fast efficient expert iPhone  repair on all models in Orange CA. Do you have an iPhone  3GS iPhone  4 iPhone  4s iPhone 5 iPhone 5C iPhone ...
Created on 15 August 2019
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