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Custom PC Builds

xFixit builds high-end custom PC's for gamers, designers, & enthusiasts!

We’ve provided hundreds of local gamers and enthusiasts with one of a kind professional stylized builds for all platforms.  Whether you use AMD or Intel for your gaming or performance production needs xFixit can have you at the highest end of performance for the lowest prices around. Don’t spend thousands on a name like Alienware or ROG when xFixit can give you the same high performance equipment with a custom look at a fraction of the price and a local guarantee with on-going technical support right here in Savannah. 

We specialize in custom cases utilizing water cooling & advanced air flow design for higher performance under heavy loads. So for lighting, cooling, SLI, custom wiring, beautiful high-tech cases and enclosures, multiple monitor setups, and high end accessories;

Call us at 912-201-1940 or come in to our midtown location at 7068 Hodgson Memorial Dr. in Savannah, GA for free quotes and diagnostics.