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Water Damaged Cellphone Fix Irvine CA

 Water or liquid inside your phone, laptop or tablet ?

xFixit is the Coastal Empire’s liquid damage experts! 

xFixit is the only professional repair shop in the Savannah area with the tools, materials and skills to effectively save your device.  Our $59 chemical cleaning process removes any remaining liquid inside the phone and removes corrosion from vital components to have your phone working properly again.

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water damage iphone 5corrosion

Tips for water damage
     1. DO NOT turn on or plug in the cell phone.     
     2. Do not try online suggestions like hair dryers and rice.  Often the damage occurs when the phone dries and corrosion is allowed to set in.       
     3. The most important step is to bring your device to us as quickly as possible and let us begin the chemical cleaning process. This is the most critical step out of the entire process. Let the experts help! We have the most qualified technicians and the latest equipment to safely and efficiently bring your device back from the dead.

Below are some images showing the location of water indicators.  If these indicators have changed color they have come in contact with some form of liquid and your phone may need a chemical bath to prevent corrosion and functionality issues.


iphone water indicator chart


Note 5/S7/S7 Edge/S6/S6 Edge


s6 edge water indicator

Galaxy S3/S4/S5

galaxy s water indicator



lg water indicator

Please call or come by and let one of our experts diagnose your water damaged device and explain your options for repair