iPad battery replacement

iPad battery replacement

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    xFixit offers the fastest most affordable repairs on all iPad models!  

    Our expert technicians can quickly and safely remove all that nasty broken glass repair any frame and trim damage and install a brand new quality digitizer for iPad Repair in about an hour.  Is your battery just not lasting like it use too or does your iPad not charge at all?  No worries!  Here at xFixit we carry replacement batteries and charging ports to have you back in working order the same day!  Having trouble with your camera WiFi service antennae or buttons?  The professionals here at xFixit have seen it all and can diagnose and have your device back to factory condition in no time!

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    iPad Repair orange Ca 

    Do you live in Orange County and need your iPad Repair fast and with the best quality ? How about a same day iPad Screen Repair by the nationwide leaders in iPad repair?

    Here at xFixit , we take local-pride in our iPad Repair and many other Mac Repair services and we love being a part of the Irvine, Orange County, and Southern California community.

    The Ornge California is our home and we want to show our local people and customers how much we appreciate their support over many years.

    We provide the best-in-town 2 houres while-you-wait no-appointment-needed iPad Repair Orange service .

    xFixit specializes in iPhone Screen Repair, Mac Repair, iPad Screen Repair, iPad Pro Repair, Microsoft Surface Pro Repair,

    and many other repair services for the residents
    of Orange County, and the surrounding areas.

    Our customers come from Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Tustin, Laguna Beach, Aliso Viejo and all over Orange County.
    In addition, all diagnostic services are FREE for walk in customers.





     iPad review

    The entry-level iPad was updated last month with a slightly larger screen and a smart connector that lets you attach Apple’s Smart Keyboard. It’s still $329 to start, and it’s still one of the best deals in technology. It can do as much or more than any other tablet anywhere near its cost. In other words, it’s still an iPad.

    I joked to my co-workers that all I really needed to do for this review was just rewrite that phrase: “It’s an iPad.” It’s been a running joke since 2017’s iPad review, in which I explained that there are only three things you needed to know. Those three things are also true of the new model:

    1. It is an iPad.
    2. It costs $329 for the base model.
    3. You should get it if your old iPad is dying. You should not get it if your old iPad is fine.

    This new iPad is good. It runs all of the same apps as the iPads that cost two and three times as much (or more). And in most cases, you might not even notice a difference in how well it runs those apps. It doesn’t have any issues with iPadOS 13, at least not any that are different from the overall bugginess of the OS that afflicts all iPads as of this writing. (13.1.2, for the record, still has issues.)

    If you aren’t tempted by a slightly nicer screen (the iPad Air) or power, performance, and Face ID (the iPad Pro), then the regular iPad is the one to get. I do think that the $329 model’s 32GB of storage is almost punishingly low, but if you’re diligent about streaming movies and music, you could probably get by.

    The iPad still uses Lightning to charge, and it still supports the first-gen Apple Pencil, which still costs $99. It still has just two speakers and Touch ID instead of Face ID, plus cameras that are fine by 2017 standards but not great by 2019 standards.

    All of these details are things that are unlikely to bother people who buy this tablet. I have been using a top-tier iPad Pro 11 for almost a year, and switching to this new iPad didn’t significantly worsen my life. It still plays all of the games in Apple Arcade, and it still has a battery that lasts all day. Mostly, I noticed that webpages seemed to load slower.


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