Location:  xFixit Solutions Inc.  2736 E Chapman Ave Orange CA (714)941-9220

xbox repair

PLAY STATION 4 , Game Console Repair Orange County ,Tustin, Orange city, Irvine

We repair pS4 consoles !


Motherboard Repair Starting at $109

Hard Disk Repair Starting at $129

DVD-Drive Repair Starting at $100

Port/Power Repairs Starting at $150

playstation 4 hdmi port repair  $100

Call us for more detailed pricing information (714) 941-9220

 We provide expert soldering repairs on ports, main boards, hard drives, optical cd-rom and dvd-rom drives.  We clean cooling fans and vents to keep your device running cool and quiet.  We also provide upgrades for storage, housing design, and custom controller modifications.

Game console Repair Savannah

xFixit provides free diagnostics on all power issues, red ring of death, red light on power supplies and read error messages.  We have the specialty tools and parts to bring your old nostalgic consoles back to life and keep your modern systems running like new!


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