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PLAY STATION 4 , Game Console Repair Orange County ,Tustin, Orange city, Irvine

We repair pS4 consoles !


Motherboard Repair Starting at $109

Hard Disk Repair Starting at $129

DVD-Drive Repair Starting at $100

Port/Power Repairs Starting at $150

playstation 4 hdmi port repair  $100

Call us for more detailed pricing information (714) 941-9220

 We provide expert soldering repairs on ports, main boards, hard drives, optical cd-rom and dvd-rom drives.  We clean cooling fans and vents to keep your device running cool and quiet.  We also provide upgrades for storage, housing design, and custom controller modifications.

Game console Repair Savannah

xFixit provides free diagnostics on all power issues, red ring of death, red light on power supplies and read error messages.  We have the specialty tools and parts to bring your old nostalgic consoles back to life and keep your modern systems running like new!



TV Repair Orange County California | LCD Repair Orange, CA| LED Repair Orange County , Tustin, IRVINE

THE BEST TV Repair in Orange County CA

xFixit has decades of experience in flat screen LCD and LED panel repairs. 

We provide professional repair on all models such as SAMSUNG, Sony, LG, Toshiba , Panasonic ,Hitachi , VIZIO, Sceptre, RCA, Proscan and more!  Don’t spend thousands on a new TV! Let our professionals bring your flat screen back to life starting at around $100.  We have the specialty tools and parts to remedy power issues from lightning strikes, liquid damage, backlight problem , broken buttons, and damaged ports or power cords.  Let us look at it first!

Before you give up on it bring your TV into our midtown location at
Orange City, Tustin, Irvine ,CA

3403 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92869

or give us a call at
(714)941-9220 and talk to one of our expert technicians about your options.

Soldering Repair Savannah, GA

Soldering and Micro soldering Repairs

xFixit’s soldering and micro-soldering service can bring all electronics back from the dead quickly at affordable prices compared to replacement costs.  

Free diagnostics!  Repairs start at $39

  Our expert technicians coupled with high tech modern equipment can repair connectors, instrument panels, circuit boards, wiring harnesses, fuses panels, LED boards, PCB’s, logic boards and more!  If it seems too small to even think about doing a repair, we put it under our microscope and carefully and surgically bring your electronics back to life.  We’ve saved our clients thousands of dollars and revived hundreds of devices thought to be beyond repair.

Smd Soldering

  If your device just won’t turn on, isn’t functioning correctly, or has intermittent functionality
call us on (714)941-9220
in Orange County CA for a free diagnostic, or give us a call at (714)941-9220 for advice on how our expert technicians can have your device up and running again today.

soldering for Smd parts

xFixit iPhone Repair Shop Orange County, Orange California

MacBook, Computer, iPad,Samsung, LG and TV 

xFixit offers Orange County ’s most advanced repair services on Apple iPhone , iPad , iPod, Windows laptops, MacBook Pro, SAMSUNG, LG, & Motorola ( Android ) smartphones / tablets

We take pride in a 1 hour or less service time on most repairs.

While we specialize in battery replacements & cracked screens / glass replacement we also provide solutions for water damaged phones, tablets and laptops,

charging port issues, logic board damage, soldering repairs, & free diagnostic on all electronics issues. 

  We have a huge stock of Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook and Samsung Galaxy phone and Tablet  replacement parts. 

Our staff brings decades of experience to every repair in order to guarantee customer satisfaction every time. 

xFixit is Orange county’s leading iPhone / iPad / iPod / Mac / Laptop / MacBook / Samsung / LG / Motorola repair center. 

 Fast, efficient, expert repairs on all iPhone models,in Orange County,Irvine, California.
 Do you have an iPhone 11 , iPhone 11 Pro , iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS , iPhone XS Max
iPhone 6 ™ ,  iPhone 6 Plus ™, iPhone 6S ™ ,iPhone 6S Plus 
iPhone 7 , iphone 7 plus, iphone 8 , iPhone 8 plus ,
or a iPhone X ™ with a broken screen and/or cracked digitizer (glass) ?
xFixit can help you! We can replace your damaged screen or glass same day, usually in one hour or less!
We have the tools and expertise to repair your iPhone ™ locally, right here in Orange County,Irvine, California!
If the back glass / battery cover is broken, we can replace it at the same time.
Fastest, most affordable repairs in Orange County,Irvine, California on the latest Samsung models!
Note 5, Note 4, Note 3, Note 2, Note Edge, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S5, S4, S3, Optimus, and Prime models.
xFixit uses a unique glass only replacement process, and was one of the first repair shops in the world to offer this service.
xFixit has performed thousands of glass only repairs, for customers right here in Orange County,Irvine, California, and from all over the world!
 Our repair process is faster, and produces a repair that is virtually indistinguishable from a brand new factory screen.  Our process uses the very same glass, adhesive and chemicals as the factory.Glass only repairs help our customers save 30% – 60%  vs replacing the entire LCD assembly.
  How do you tell if your phone is eligible for glass only repair?  It’s simple, if your screen is cracked (broken glass), but you can see still whats on the screen and use the phone, then your eligible.  If your screen is totally black, you will need to replace your entire screen, but that's okay!
 We offer the lowest prices anywhere on full screen replacements for all models! As well as batteries, charging ports, headphone jacks, speakers and ear pieces.
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