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iPhone XS MAX Repair Orange County Irvine CA | iPhone XS MAX Screen Repair Orange CA

Top Best iPhone Screen Repair in Orange CA

 Fixit Solutions Inc.  

Tustin  Orange City North Tustin California

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 We do have 3 different Quality in stock all comes with 60 days warranty .

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 iPhone XS Max Your (Choice) screen replacement with installation price Click here

 iPhone XS Max Your (Select) screen replacement with installation price Click here

 iPhone XS Max Your (Prime) screen replacement with installation price Click here


 xFixit stocks quality affordable replacement LCD's for iPhone XS MAX Screen Repair in black or white and can have you on your way in half the time of other repair shops.  We offer free diagnostics on all devices.

 We also carry all other replacement parts such as batteries, iPhone XS MAX back glass charging ports ear speakers loudspeakers and buttons.

 When you're having charging issues, problems with sound or any of the functions on your iPhone  XS MAX  xFixit's professional technicians can have your device working like new with our fast affordable repair processes!


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iPhone XS Max Screen Repair iPhone XS Max LCD Repair iPhone XS Max Screen Repair near me iPhone XS Max Screen Repair Orange County CA iPhone XS Max screen Repair Orange CA iPhone XS Max Back glass Repair



iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Cheat Sheet

  • The cameras are good, and the new Depth Control for portraits works well.
  • Apple's A12 Bionic chip is once again faster than any Android phone.
  • The iPhone XS Max is more compelling than the regular iPhone XS because of its larger 6.5-inch screen and longer battery life.
  • The lack of USB-C fast charging out of the box for both phones is a bummer.
  • The iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS are worth upgrading to if you own an iPhone 7 or earlier device, but some may prefer the cheaper iPhone XR or new iPhone 11.


Camera: Catching Up to (and Sometimes Beating) Pixel 2

If there's one area where the Apple needed to improve the iPhone, it's the camera. Google's Pixel 2 beat the iPhone X in our face-off, especially in low light. The iPhone XS and XS Max even the score with dual 12-MP cameras that have bigger and deeper pixels that let in up to 50 percent more light without sacrificing sharpness.


Examine this photo in a bar we shot on the iPhone XS, Pixel 2 XL and Galaxy Note 9. The Note 9's shot is the most vibrant, but the iPhone X delivers stunning detail when you zoom in, allowing us to read the text on the bottles. Plus, the upper-left area of the image didn't get blown out as it did on the other two phones.

The iPhone XS also benefits from a new Smart HDR mode, which Apple says takes advantage of faster sensors, an enhanced ISP and advanced algorithms to offer more highlights and shadow details in photos. I saw the improvement in shots like this, where I could see more of the eagle in the iPhone XS that got lost in the original iPhone X's image.


iPhone XS Max Repair iPhone XS Max Screen Repair iPhone XS Max Repair near me iPhone XS Max Repair Orange County CA iPhone XS Max screen Repair Orange CA iPhone XS Max Back glass Repair

In this shot of colorful cupcakes, the iPhone XS once again delivers more detail, especially when you zoom in to see the frosting and the sugar crystals. The Note 9's shot is a close second because it's simply brighter and a bit more inviting.

Click above to expand

The iPhone XS now gives you Depth Control, so you can tweak the depth of field after you shoot. This worked extremely well when I captured this picture of my colleague Adam. Using a slider, I could adjust the blur effect so that I could see the trees and some passersby behind him or make it so that I could  see only hints of those objects.

Does the iPhone XS beat the Pixel 2 XL at portraits with its two rear cameras? Not quite. In this shot of my colleague Caitlin, the iPhone XS' picture looks a bit too warm, while the exposure on the Pixel 2 XL looks more natural given the lighting conditions. Plus, you can make out more detail in her hair and her face looks brighter. The Note 9's shot looks great, but the left side of Caitlin's face looks blown out.

The iPhone XS' camera is good at close-ups, too, but the Pixel 2 XL edged it out. While the iPhone captured a brighter photo of this yellow flower,  Google's camera let us see the specs in the leaves better, and the green leaves around it look more saturated.

Click above to expand

In one more low-light test, the iPhone XS took the brightest shot of this clock in Grand Central, and there's less noise on the signs in the background as you zoom in. But the gold resonates more on the clock in both the photos from the Pixel 2 XL and the Note 9.




 iPhone XS Max Repair iPhone XS Max Screen Repair iPhone XS Max Repair near me iPhone XS Max Repair Orange County CA iPhone XS Max screen Repair Orange CA iPhone XS Max Back glass Repair




Pickup & Drop Off service after business hours is available

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We look forward to helping you with all your electronic and personal device needs and we appreciate your business!



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xFixit offers Orange County ’s most advanced repair services on Apple iPhone , iPad , iPod, Windows laptops, MacBook Pro, SAMSUNG, LG, & Motorola ( Android ) smartphones / tablets

We take pride in a 1 hour or less service time on most repairs.

While we specialize in battery replacements & cracked screens / glass replacement we also provide solutions for water damaged phones, tablets and laptops,

charging port issues, logic board damage, soldering repairs, & free diagnostic on all electronics issues. 

  We have a huge stock of Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook and Samsung Galaxy phone and Tablet  replacement parts. 

Our staff brings decades of experience to every repair in order to guarantee customer satisfaction every time. 

xFixit is Orange county’s leading iPhone / iPad / iPod / Mac / Laptop / MacBook / Samsung / LG / Motorola repair center. 

 Fast efficient expert repairs on all iPhone Repair All modelsin Orange County Irvine California.

 Do you have an iPhone 11  iPhone 11 Pro  iPhone 11 Pro Max  iPhone X iPhone XR iPhone XS  iPhone XS Max

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iPhone repair near me Cell phone repair Computer Repair Phone repair near me

We have the tools and expertise to repair your iPhone ™ locally right here in Orange County Irvine California!xFixit can help you! We can replace your damaged screen or glass same day usually in one hour or less!

If the back glass / battery cover is broken we can replace it at the same time.

Fastest most affordable repairs in Orange County Irvine California on the latest Samsung models!

Galaxy Repair Galaxy phone repair :

Note 5 Note 4 Note 3 Note 2 Note Edge S7 S7 Edge S6 S6 Edge S5 S4 S3 Optimus and Prime models.
xFixit uses a unique glass only replacement process, and was one of the first repair shops in the world to offer this service.
xFixit has performed thousands of glass only repairs, for customers right here in Orange County Irvine California and from all over the world!
 Our repair process is faster, and produces a repair that is virtually indistinguishable from a brand new factory screen.  Our process uses the very same glass, adhesive and chemicals as the factory.Glass only repairs help our customers save 30% – 60%  vs replacing the entire LCD assembly.
  How do you tell if your phone is eligible for glass only repair?  It’s simple, if your screen is cracked (broken glass), but you can see still whats on the screen and use the phone, then your eligible.  If your screen is totally black, you will need to replace your entire screen, but that's okay!
 We offer the lowest prices anywhere on full screen replacements for all models!
As well as batteries, charging ports, headphone jacks, speakers and ear pieces.
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