You are currently viewing 8 reasons for Apple users to switch to UPDF Editor: AI PDF Assistant

8 reasons for Apple users to switch to UPDF Editor: AI PDF Assistant

UPDF Editor: AI PDF Assistant

UPDF is an Adobe alternative with an AI twist for reading, annotating, searching, and editing PDFs on Mac. Save big and chat with your PDF today.

If you work with PDFs, it can be a pain finding the right tool for the job. It’s enough of a niche need that companies like Adobe charge an arm and a leg because they know you’ll pay for it.

Thankfully, there are useful alternatives like UPDF. It has a clean UI, a wide range of features, and it is multi-platform.

UPDF Editor includes an AI assistant that provides convenient tools for quick editing and search. It’s like ChatGPT but for managing your PDF.

Switching made simple: 8 reasons why Apple users opt for UPDF as their PDF editor

There are at least 8 reasons to choose UPDF over Adobe and other competing options — besides the lower price and cross-platform availability.

A MacBook with PDF software

UPDF Editor: AI PDF Assistant provides more features for less money

First, UPDF Editor with AI offers fast performance and can handle large PDFs efficiently. It’s up to ten times faster than competitive apps.

Second, UPDF offers several all-in-one PDF editor features:

  • There are 14 markup tools, 5 page display modes, light and dark reading modes, a slideshow view option, and more than 200 stickers. There’s even the option of inserting rich text using drag and drop.
  • Users can edit text and images, add watermarks, and more with UPDF Editor. Add and manage headers and footers too, plus edit PDF backgrounds.
  • UPDF Editor also has OCR technology for converting scanned documents to editable PDFs. Recreating, reformatting, re-scanning, and updating a scanned text file has always been a challenging and time-consuming task.

A screenshot of editing text in a scanned PDF

Use scanning and OCR features to edit text in scanned documents

  • Fill out and sign PDF forms.
  • UPDF Cloud is included with up to 110GB. Users can manager or add new folders in UPDF Cloud.
  • Convert PDFs to various formats useful for sharing. UPDF Editor can also create PDFs from scratch.
  • Lock PDFs with passwords or redact information.
  • Organize PDF pages to make things easier to find.

Third, UPDF Editor has a clean and minimalist design that reflects Apple’s design philosophy. PDFs are displayed in an easy-to-read manner that even new Apple users will understand.

A MacBook with PDF software on screen. It is on a table outside.

UPDF Editor has an AI assistant built in

Fourth, users get access to UPDF AI, which generates accurate summaries of hundreds of pages in seconds. There are numerous ways to extract necessary information with minimal effort using UPDF AI summarizer.

UPDF AI’s “summarize paper” feature, integrated with ChatGPT4, provides enhanced summaries, spotlights key terms and findings, offers easy file import, utilizes the powerful ChatGPT4o, works with any file format including scanned documents through OCR, and guarantees the fastest reading and report generation at 10x the speed of competitors.

A screenshot highlighting the summarize feature in UPDF

Get detailed summaries of PDFs using ChatGPT

UPDF AI can translate PDFs quickly or explain topics found within the document. Users can upload PDFs to the UPDF cloud and ask questions about its contents.

Fifth, the UPDF AI chat function also extends beyond topics found in the document. It’s an AI chatbot that interacts with PDF documents, answers questions, and provides insights in a conversational manner for improved productivity. Ask about any topic and the AI can answer.

Sixth, UPDF Editor is budget-friendly with a full suite of professional solutions. Get more functionality than Adobe Acrobat at a quarter of the cost with a universal license.

Seventh, UPDF Editor is a single purchase for access to apps across every ecosystem. One license provides access to iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows, and Android apps.

An iPhone and iPad on a desk running UPDF

UPDF is a universal app that works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Eighth, users can expect timely product updates. There are weekly product feature iterations for performance and functionality upgrades. There’s also 24/7 customer service and a 30-day money back guarantee.

UPDF vs Adobe Acrobat

ComparisonAdobe Acrobat
Adobe Acrobat
UPDF Editor
Pricing (Year)$155.88$239.88$39.99
Pricing (Perpetual)N/AN/A$59.99
Open, view, and read PDFsYesYesYes
Display PDF as a slideshowNoNoYes
Highlight and format textYesYesYes
Edit text/images/link in PDFYesYesYes
Convert PDF
Word, Excel, PPT, Text, RTF, XML, images
Convert PDF
Create PDFsYesYesYes
Compress PDFsYesYesYes
Protect PDFsYesYesYes
Fill out formsYesYesYes
Merge PDFsNoYesYes

UPDF AI Assistant vs Acrobat AI Assistant

FeatureUPDF AIAcrobat AI
File Size LimitUp to 2GBUp to 25MB
Page SupportUp to 1,000 pagesUp to 120 pages
Language supportFull text translationOnly English
Scanned DocumentOCR before AIN/A

UPDF Editor: AI PDF Assistant

When you chose UPDF Editor, you get a full-featured PDF editor with OCR and AI tools not available on competing platforms. Despite having more features and a universal license, it’s available at a much lower price.

When a PDF editor is an all-in-one app that can accomplish all of your tasks, it simplifies the workflow. It could become your go-to PDF editing solution.

Get a special offer from UPDF thanks to an exclusive deal with AppleInsider. If you need to find an AI PDF tool that suits you, then UPDF is a very good choice.