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A MacBook Pro design refresh is probably years away

An example of a current-gen MacBook Pro

Apple probably won’t be changing the design of its MacBook Pro for a few more years, as the company continues to increase the longevity of its products.

Apple’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are iconic in the world of notebooks. But, when consumers look for new features and designs to justify upgrades, Apple is pretty much sticking to what it already has.

The MacBook Pro uses a form factor that was introduced by Apple in 2021, making it three years old. According to Bloomberg estimates on Sunday, the next major refresh of the design may not happen until 2025 or 2026.

Likewise, the MacBook Air was last redesigned in 2022. Another design change will probably take years to arrive, based on Apple’s usual timescales.

The iPad Pro, another productivity-focused product, has only just been given a big update. However, that was an update that took approximately six years to become a reality.

With Apple’s continued push to make its hardware as long-lasting as possible, this makes it a great proposition for consumers to buy hard-wearing hardware, the report reasons. However, it’s also making it harder for consumers to regularly upgrade.