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All iPhone 16 models may be equipped with A18 chips

A render of an iPhone 16

Another rumor has arrived that says the iPhone 16 family will all use the same A18 chip, casting aside the last few years of processor tiers for Pro and non-Pro phones.

On Monday, a report claimed that the A18 would be in use across all models, in a shake-up of Apple’s chips used in its iPhones. If a new report is to be believed, it could be a bigger shift than first thought.


Discovered by Nicolas Alvarez and reported by MacRumors on Tuesday, back-end code has revealed that four devices will form the iPhone roster for this fall. However, there were five identifiers observed in the code.

The list starts with iPhone17,1 and progresses up to iPhone17,5 sequentially. While there are five identifiers, it is thought the fifth will be for another device, possibly a future iPhone SE update.

Apple has a tendency to link the identifier to the chip being used, rather than to the iPhone generation. The iPhone 15 and Plus, which uses the A16 Bionic, have identifiers iPhone15,4 and iPhone15,5.

However, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, which use the A17 Bionic, have identifiers iPhone16,1 and iPhone16,2.

If all iPhones used the same number of identifier, namely in the 17-series, this therefore means all will be using the same generation of chip. That would mean the A18.

Two chip possibilities

With all models on the same generation, it is thought that Apple could still introduce a variation in performance between the Pro and non-Pro models. This could be as simple as disabling or binning GPU cores and using those chips on the non-Pro devices.

Monday’s report also offered another possibility that could allow the naming. It proposed that the usual hand-me-down chip strategy would be modified for the iPhone 16, with the A17’s design simply being put through a new process at TSMC and renamed the A18.

Meanwhile, a new A18 Pro design with improved graphics and AI computing elements would be introduced for the Pro models.