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Apple Events 2024: Apple’s event plans

Apple doesn’t participate in big industry-wide events such as CES or E3. The most valuable company in the world holds its own events, thank you very much. Several times a year, Apple invites the press and industry professionals to Apple Park to hear all about its latest products and services. Apple calls these ‘events,’ and streams them live online to millions of watchers.

In 2023 there were three such events: WWDC in June, the Wonderlust iPhone event in September and Apple’s second fall event on October 30 (or October 31 if you weren’t in the U.S.). Similarly, in 2022 Apple held three events: a spring event on March 8, WWDC on June 6, and the iPhone 14 launch on September 7. In other years Apple has held four events though, and in 2024 has already held one event (in May) and another is scheduled for June 10. Will Apple hold four events in 2024?

Read on to find out what events and new Apple product launches the company has in store for 2024.

When is Apple’s next event?

Apple will kick off WWDC on June 10 with a keynote event starting at 10am PT.

What time will the next Apple event start?

The WWDC keynote will start at 10 am PT. That translates to the following times in the countries where most of our readers live:

  • U.S.: at 10 am (PST/PDT), 11 am (MST/MDT), noon (CST/CDT), 1 pm (EST/EDT)
  • Canada: as above, and 2 pm (AST/ADT)
  • U.K.: at 6 pm (GMT/BST)
  • Europe: at 7pm (CET/CEST), 8 pm (EET/EEST)
  • India: at 10.30 pm (IST)
  • Australia: Next day at 1 am (AWST/AWDT), 2.30 am (ACST/ACDT), 3 am (AEST/AEDT)
  • New Zealand: Next day at 5 am (NZST/NZDT)

How long does an Apple event last?

Apple keynotes usually last between one and two hours and feature CEO Tim Cook along with various other Apple executives. WWDC and the September event tend to be longer keynotes; the spring and late-fall events can be slightly shorter.

When does Apple usually hold events?

Apple holds three or four live or live-streamed events throughout the year where the company unveils its latest products and plans during a keynote address. They are usually held during similar times of the year:

  • March/April: Spring event (in 2024 this was held in May)
  • June: WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference)
  • September: Fall event (aka iPhone and Apple Watch launch event)
  • October/November: Late-fall event(s)

This event calendar is by no means set in stone, though, with the spring and October events being less regular. Some years, Apple doesn’t hold a spring event at all, as was the case in 2023.

The summer and September events are more predictable, with software coming at WWDC in June and iPhones and Apple Watches in September. The October event often sees Apple launch new Macs, but this is another one that changes from year to year.

New Apple Products Apple Event SeptemberApple launched the new iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods Pro in September 2022. New Apple Products Apple Event SeptemberApple launched the new iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods Pro in September 2022.


New Apple Products Apple Event SeptemberApple launched the new iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods Pro in September 2022.



What Apple events will take place in 2024?

Here are the events we expect to see in the remainder of 2024, and what could launch.

WWDC: June 10-14 2024

WWDC will take place from June 10-14 with the event kicking the conference off at 10am on June 10, 2024.

Apple uses WWDC each year to unveil the latest versions of its operating systems, so in 2024 we’ll get a preview of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS 15, watchOS 11, and tvOS 18, and possibly an update to Apple’s realityOS.

The WWDC keynote is where Apple will announce its next major operating system releases: iOS and iPadOS 18, macOS 15, tvOS 18, watchOS 11, and visionOS 2. Expect to hear a lot about AI this year.

Apple’s Vision Pro headset hasn’t yet launched in locations including the U.K. Europe, Canada and Australia, so Apple could mention a date for the worldwide launch.

Apple sometimes announces new hardware at WWDC, so we could see new Macs: Mac Studio M3 Max and M3 Ultra and Mac Pro with the same chips, although now that the iPad Pro is shipping with M4 chips perhaps Apple will jump to that generation. We may also see a new Mac mini with M3 and M3 Pro – or that may wait for the M4. However, all indications are that there will be no new hardware at the event.

Following the keynote on the Monday, developer events and sessions will run throughout the week.

Dates for WWDC:

  • WWDC 2024: June 10-14
  • WWDC 2023: June 5-9
  • WWDC 2022: June 6-10
  • WWDC 2021: June 7-11
  • WWDC 2020: June 22-26
  • WWDC 2019: June 3-7
  • WWDC 2018: June 4-8
  • WWDC 2017: June 5-9

You can read more about WWDC date, times and everything you need to know in a separate article.

iPhone 16 launch event: September 2024

Apple always holds an event in September, and almost always uses this to announce a new iPhone and Apple Watch. (The only exception in recent memory was in 2020, as a result of Covid-related production issues. That year the iPhone was announced in October, but there was still a September event.)

What else could we see? A new iPad mini and iPad Air. The AirPods could get an update (or two) and we might even see a HomePod with a screen.

Here are the past few Apple September event dates:

  • 2023: Tuesday, September 12
  • 2022: Tuesday, September 13
  • 2022: Wednesday, September 7
  • 2021: Tuesday, September 14
  • 2020: Tuesday, September 15
  • 2019: Tuesday, September 10
  • 2018: Wednesday, September 12
  • 2017: Tuesday, September 12

For more information about Apple’s September events read: Apple’s September iPhone event: Date, time, and what will launch.

October 2024 Event

There could be iPad and Mac events in October and/or November 2024. But this is a long way off so we won’t get into too much detail just yet.

In the past, Apple has held a second fall event on the following dates:

  • 2023: Monday, October 30
  • 2022: No event
  • 2021: Monday, October 18
  • 2020: Tuesday, October 13 and Tuesday, November 10
  • 2019: No event
  • 2018: Tuesday, October 30
  • 2017: No event
  • 2016: Thursday, October 27
  • 2015: No event
  • 2014: Thursday, October 16
  • 2013: Tuesday, October 22
  • 2012: Tuesday, October 23
  • 2011: Tuesday, October 4

We expect Apple to launch new iPads and Macs in the late fall/autumn.

For more information about Apple’s October events read: Apple’s October Event: Date, time and what will launch.

Spring event 2025

Here are the dates of the past seven Apple spring events.

  • 2024: Tuesday May 7
  • 2023: No event
  • 2022: Tuesday March 8
  • 2021: Tuesday April 20
  • 2020: No event
  • 2019: Monday March 25
  • 2018: Tuesday March 27
  • 2017: No event
  • 2016: Monday March 21
  • 2015: Monday March 9
  • 2014: No event
  • 2013: No event
  • 2012: Wednesday March 7

For more information about Apple’s spring events read: Apple Spring event: Date, time, product launch rumors.