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Apple focus on consumer headset as it pauses work on second Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s follow-up to the Apple Vision Pro may not be a high-end model, with work allegedly halted on the premium replacement in favor of a cheaper alternative.

Half a year after the release of the Apple Vision Pro, Apple is considering what its follow-up release could be. The next one may not be a full successor to the Apple Vision Pro, but it could end up being a more consumer-focused version.

According to a report from The Information, Apple has told at least one supplier that work on the next high-end version of the Vision Pro has stalled. This is allegedly in response to slowing sales of the premium headset.

As usual for Apple, it is anticipated that it has been working on multiple headsets. The report source says that work is still ongoing on the cheaper consumer-grade version of the Vision headset.

With fewer features and lower specifications, the source believes that it could ship before the end of 2025.


The lower-priced Vision headset has an internal codename of N109, with a potential price hovering around $1,600 if it is eventually released.

To cut costs, Apple will be seeking to replace components with cheaper versions. For example, the internal displays could use a lower resolution, and fewer cameras could be used on the outside as sensors.

The chip may change to slower processors. The automatic initial focus setup may also disappear in favor of a manual version, as Apple tries to reduce the weight by up to a third.

Tuesday’s report source said that Apple still wasn’t equipped with a firm prototype for N109. While it could ship by 2025, it’s thought that the product could ship later, possibly into 2026.

Part of this is due to supply chain issues, the report continued. In one case, display maker Seeya Technology apparently struggled to meet Apple’s standards for production, prompting changes in a key component for the headset.