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Apple starts development work on 2025 OS releases

Apple’s hardware and software plans for 2025 are already underway

Last updated 13 hours ago

A new report says that Apple has formally begun work on the OS updates planned for late 2025, including macOS, iOS, watchOS, and visionOS.

In a typical move, Apple is wrapping up its foundational work on 2024’s forthcoming software releases, and focusing on the year ahead. Betas for iOS and iPadOS 18, watchOS 11, and macOS 15 Sequoia are already in the hands of developers now.

Those OS updates, already teased during the WWDC conference, will be out in the fall of 2024. According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple’s engineers have started turning engineering attention to the releases for late 2025, including iOS 19, watchOS 12, macOS 16, and visionOS 3.

Each of these future releases has a codename. The iOS 19 version in testing has reportedly been dubbed “Luck,” while macOS 16 is called “Cheer.”

The codename “Nepali” has been given to watchOS 12, while visionOS 3 is said to be called “Discovery.”

The traditional reason for starting work on these OS revisions so early is so that the company can coordinate software with future hardware products already in development. And, this is not an accelerated timeline — it is consistent with previous years.

In addition to expected new models of iPhone, iPad, and Mac to be unveiled later in 2024, other products are anticipated for release in 2025. This is expected to include a lower-cost, lower-spec version of the Apple Vision Pro, which might simply be called “Apple Vision.”

Other rumors for 2025 have speculated on a refreshed Apple TV box, and long-awaited updates to the Mac Pro and Mac Studio. The pro-level Macs will see updated specs that allow for expected M4 Pro, M4 Max, and a possible M4 Ultra variant.