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Apple Watch 2024: What’s coming to Apple Watch Series 10, SE, and Ultra 3

The Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 may have only debuted in September 2023, but the clock is already ticking for the release of their successors. We gather up all the news and rumors that give us some clues about what we might find in the Apple Watch Series 10, Ultra 3 and whether there will be a new Apple Watch SE in 2024.

Update 7/19/24: The Apple Watch Series 10 will reportedly have a larger screen and thinner enclosure.

Apple Watch 2024 release date

Apple updates at least one of the Apple Watch models every year, but this year all three models could get a refresh. We expect to see a new Apple Watch Series 10, Apple Watch Ultra 3, and a third-gen Apple Watch SE.

Apple has a pretty set release schedule when it comes to the Apple Watch range. Usually, the new devices are announced at the September events (alongside the new iPhones). The new Watch models then go on sale soon after. The only divergence from this pattern was in 2021 when the Apple Watch Series 7 didn’t arrive until October due to pandemic-related production delays. 

Here’s when the past few generations of the Apple Watch were announced:

  • Apple Watch Series 9, Apple Watch Ultra 2: September 12, 2023
  • Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch SE (2nd gen): September 7, 2022
  • Apple Watch Series 7: October 18, 2021
  • Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE (1st gen): September 15, 2020

Apple Watch Series 10 release date

Going by the dates above, we’d say it’s very likely that the Apple Watch Series 10 will make its debut in early to mid-September 2024. 

Apple Watch Ultra 3 release date

Apple is also likely to update the Apple Watch Ultra at the same time as the Series 10. Expect an update in September 2024. 

Apple Watch SE (3rd-gen) release date

Apple doesn’t update the Apple Watch SE every year. That model was introduced in 2020 and updated in 2022. Based on a two-year update cycle, we think we will see a new Apple Watch SE in September 2024.

Apple Watch 2024 price

Again, we need to look at the past pattern of pricing. Apple offers its Watch models in a variety of configurations, but here’s how the baseline models lined up at launch:

YearApple Watch SE Apple Watch Series (41 or 40mm)Apple Watch Series (44 or 45mm)Apple Watch Ultra 
2023Series 9: $399 / £399 Series 9: $429 / £429Ultra 2: $799 / £799
2022$249 / £219 (was £259 at launch)Series 8: $399 / £419 Series 8: $429 / £449  $799 / £849
2021Series 7: $399 / £369 Series 7: $429 / £399 
2020$279 / £249Series 6: $399 / £379Series 6: $429 / £409 

Bold represents current models; Italics represents products that are no longer sold by Apple.

As you can see, prices of all variants of the Apple Watch have held steady in the U.S., with some fluctuations in the U.K. prices. There’s a good chance that we will see similar pricing for the Apple Watch Series 10, Ultra 3, and SE 3., with prices starting at $249/£219 for the Apple Watch SE (3rd-gen), $399/£399 for the Series 10, and $799/£799 for the Ultra 3.

Apple Watch 2024: watchOS 11

Apple announced watchOS 11 at WWDC in June, and it includes several new features, including an update to the Photos watch face, new training modes, and a new Vitals app that measures health metrics. It will be released to the public in the fall and ship with the new watches.

Apple Watch 2024: New features

apple watch series 9

Apple Watch Series 9

apple watch series 9

Apple Watch Series 9


apple watch series 9

Apple Watch Series 9



As we approach the launch of the Apple Watch, rumors are beginning to paint a picture of the new Apple Watch, which could bring some significant changes.


Back in October, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo posted a list of expectations for the Apple Watch, including the prediction that: “The new Apple Watch will unlikely have significant innovative experiences.” In May, a report from MacRumors quotes analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in saying that the Apple Watch Ultra 3 will have “almost no” hardware upgrades from Ultra 2.

However, recent rumors suggest that the Apple Series 10 refresh could be more significant. In June, Kuo reported that the Apple Watch Series 10 will lose the 41mm model and add a new 49mm model to match the Apple Watch Ultra. Kuo also says the new design will be thinner as part of an overall move to slim down its products.


Despite earlier reports, Kuo and others have indicated that the rumored Micro LED display tipped to arrive in the Apple Watch Ultra 3 might be canceled. Kuo claims that the reason for the shift is that “Apple thinks that Micro LED can’t add significant value to this product.”

In April 2024, The Elec reported that Apple could use a low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) OLED display. This could make the display more power-efficient, thus preserving battery life.


Apple always accompanies the new Apple Watch with a new S-series system in package (SiP), with last year’s S9 chip delivering a speed boost and the first Neural Engine on an Apple Watch. We don’t know what to expect from the S10 chip, but we expect modest performance improvements.

Apple Intelligence

At WWDC, Apple announced its upcoming Apple Intelligence AI features coming to iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15, but didn’t include the Apple Watch. It’s possible that the new Apple Watch Series 10 and Ultra 3 deliver support for some elements of Apple Intelligence, including Siri and charGPT, though it would likely require a significant upgrade to the processor.

Apple Watch Series 9 review - apps Apple Watch Series 9 review - apps

Jim Martin / Foundry

Apple Watch Series 9 review - apps

Jim Martin / Foundry

Jim Martin / Foundry

Apple Watch 2024: Health features

Over the years Apple has introduced new health features with the Apple Watch, most recently bringing a temperature sensor to the Apple Watch Series 8. This year will continue those efforts, with Gurman reporting that Apple will add new health features to attract new customers and entice owners of older Watches to upgrade. Here’s what Apple has been rumored to be working on:

Blood glucose monitoring

Apple is known to have been long at work on blood glucose monitoring. However, it seems this feature still needs time to develop and may not be ready for a while, according to reports. However, it appears as though the feature won’t be ready for this year’s watch despite recently hitting “major milestones” in development, according to Gurman.

Blood pressure monitoring

Gurman reported that the next Apple Watch could gain the ability to see when the wearer’s blood pressure is elevated. While the watch won’t provide systolic and diastolic readings it will log details in a blood pressure journal and warn the user if they should consult their doctor.

Sleep apnea monitoring

The 2024 Apple Watch could gain the ability to check for sleep apnea by monitoring the wearer’s breathing and sleep patterns, according to Gurman.

Apple Watch 2024: 10th anniversary

In an August 2023 Power On newsletter, Gurman wrote that Apple is planning a redesign to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Watch, with a new Watch X bringing a slimmer case and new magnetic attachments for straps. More recently we’ve heard rumors that Apple is planning a thinner Apple Watch this year.

However, while this will be a Series 10 watch, the Apple Watch actually launched in April 2025, making next year the 10th anniversary. We don’t expect that will matter much if Apple plans to elevate the 10-gen model as it did with macOS and the iPhone.