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Apple’s Mac outpaced an already recovering computer market

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New figures say that the global PC market — including the Mac — has continued to grow in Q2 2024, with Apple among those driving the growth.

Research by Canalys previously showed that sales of the Mac, including MacBook models, had grown in the US in Q1 2024. Now with its global Q2 figures, the company again shows Apple growing its market share.

Overall, the global PC market grew by 3.4% year on year in Q2 2024, for a total of 62.8 million shipped. Of those, laptops represented 50 million, which by itself is a 4% rise YoY.

Across both laptops and desktops, Apple came in fourth with shipments of 5.5 million. That gave it a 9% market share, which is a 6% increase on the same period in 2023.

Lenovo was the best-selling vendor at 14.7 million, or a 4% growth YoY. HP shipped 13.7 million units, while Dell shipped 10.1 million.

The highest growth of the year was with Asus, which on a 17% increase YoY and shipments of 4.5 million units, pushed Acer out of the top five.

It predicts the trend to continue, mostly because support for Windows 10 ends in October 2025, which will prompt an upgrade cycle. However, it also says growth should continue to rise because of what it calls more clarity around Apple’s AI strategy with its announcement of Apple Intelligence.