You are currently viewing Apple’s potential remaining launches for the rest of 2024

Apple’s potential remaining launches for the rest of 2024

Many Apple product launches are expected by the end of 2024.

Apple’s WWDC is only a prelude to the rest of the year. Beyond the iPhone 16, there’s a lot still coming in 2024 from Apple. Here’s what to expect, and when.

Apple is a company that likes to keep things running to a schedule. The company’s calendar often features events and product launches at the same times throughout the year.

The conclusion of WWDC marks the mid-point of Apple’s schedule for the year. As usual for Apple, the latter half is more fiscally important to the company, with the iPhone being a major factor to its finances.

Here’s what you need to know about the last six months of 2024, and what Apple is expected to launch.

September, October

After the summer celebration of developers, Apple’s main concern when it comes to scheduling is its fall event lineup.

Apple doesn’t tend to hold media events in July and August. Indeed, the last time it did so was August 2007, when it launched its first aluminum iMacs.

September event is very well known, even to those who don’t follow Apple closely. This is because it’s the launch period for Apple’s iPhone update.

Usually, the event is held in the first half of the month, and often isn’t just about the iPhone. The September event has also become the venue for many other product launches, which it hopes to sell during the holiday season.

This covers pretty much all of Apple’s consumer product catalog. Aside from iPhones, there’s often a good chance, but no guarantee, that other things will be revealed during the presentation.

Man standing under large, colorful rainbow sculpture on bright green grass, with a modern building and clear blue sky in the background.

Apple’s fall events are presented at Apple Park by its executives, including Tim Cook.

Apple has also gotten into the habit of holding multiple events in the fall, with an October event often following after September. It doesn’t happen every year, as it was missed in 2022, 2019, 2017, and 2015 over the last decade.

The October event can usually be considered the “overflow” for the September event. Apple can choose to bump products into October if the September event has too many, or if there are production reasons for a delay.

Apple isn’t beholden to just one or two events, either. For example, a third fall event occurred in November 2020, introducing its first Apple Silicon Mac models.

Then again, Apple’s production was severely disrupted by the pandemic at the time, leading it to wait until October to launch its iPhone 12 updates.

While Apple is known for holding events, it doesn’t necessarily have to do it for all products. For major launches, like iPhones, it’s almost guaranteed, but not for everything.

If it’s another product category and the changes made are slight, such as a spec-bump update to a MacBook Pro for example, it may just issue press releases about the change.

All we can safely say is that Apple will be launching iPhones this fall with a media event. For everything else, they have a good chance of being unveiled, but how and when is up to debate.

iPhone 16

Apple’s September event is almost certain to be dominated by iPhone 16 news, with introductions of both the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro lines.

So far, it seems that the launch of the new models is on track for a September launch. Short of another global catastrophe, it’s a pretty bankable launch.

Two smartphones with prominent camera arrays and Apple logos, one showing the back and the other angled to display side buttons, set against a blue, textured background.

A render of what the iPhone 16 Pro could look like

The main changes to the product family will cover a few key areas, but AI is probably going to be the most important. This is demonstrated by the reaction to the introduction of Apple Intelligence during WWDC.

Other changes include the Pro lineup getting the A18 chip, display size increases, new buttons on the Pro models, and even the use of new battery technologies.


Apple didn’t make any material iPad updates in 2023, which means 2024 is likely to be filled with iPad announcements. So far, that has consisted of new iPad Pro models with M4 and the M2 iPad Air, and a new Apple Pencil Pro.

That said, there’s still the prospect of changes to the remaining models in the iPad range before the year is out.

Hands use a stylus to draw on a tablet displaying colorful city street art with traffic lights and signs.

The iPad Pro was updated with M4 and Tandem OLED in 2024.

The base model iPad and the iPad mini could get chip updates at least, making them more powerful and able to offer Apple Intelligence features. However there are few rumors about the models and their potential features.

That said, it’s been rumored that an OLED iPad mini may not arrive until well beyond 2024. You may end up waiting until 2026 for a new iPad mini.

The rumor mill has also repeatedly raised the prospect of a foldable iPad. Some rumors have also floated the idea of a launch by the end of 2024 or early 2025.

There have also been proposals of the folding iPad arriving by 2026.

Mac and MacBook

Apple’s Mac-specific launches for 2024 have so far consisted of an update to the MacBook Air in March. That naturally means there’s the prospect of lots of new Mac hardware on the horizon.

With iPad Pro now using M4, it also means there’s a good chance of earlier than expected upgrades across the product catalog.

Apple last updated the Mac mini in January 2023 with the M2 and M2 Pro. This makes it a prime candidate for an upgrade toward the end of 2024.

A MacBook Pro on a wooden table displays a colorful screen with the Apple M4 logo, in a cozy living room setting.

The MacBook Pro line stand a chance of an M4 update by the end of the year.

It’s a somewhat similar story for the Mac Studio and Mac Pro, as they were given M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips in June 2023. However, speculation claims Apple will skip 2024 in favor of a 2025 update instead.

In November 2023, Apple updated the iMac with M3 as well as the MacBook Pro range. Given Apple updated the MacBook Pro 10 months after the shift to M2, a year’s gap is entirely possible for the company.

However, according to Mark Gurman in April, the chance of MacBook Pro models with M4 by the end of 2024 is slim and could be pushed into early 2025 instead.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has enjoyed an update in the fall for the last eight years, often at the same time as the iPhone itself. This is a trend Apple is very likely to continue doing for some time.

A person wearing a smartwatch with a green band, displaying multiple data complications and the date.

Apple Watch Ultra

For 2024, the Apple Watch Series 10 is expected to be more powerful, with a larger display and a thinner overall body.

HomePod and AirPod

The HomePod and AirPod product families are oddities for Apple, since they don’t necessarily warrant an all-out launch on their own. Instead, you would expect them to be tacked on with other launches.

This is especially true for AirPods, which can serve as accessories for the iPhone and can benefit from a simultaneous late-in-year update.

White over-ear headphones with cushioned ear pads and a padded headband, lying on a textured gray surface.

AirPods Max may finally get an update in 2024 if we’re lucky.

Analysts have already put forward that updates to the AirPods and AirPods Max lines will happen late in 2024. This obviously lines up with Apple’s usual fall updates.

Expected updates include improved fits for the entry-level and mid-tier AirPods, as well as the possibility of USB-C charging cases and Find My speakers. For AirPods Max, it’s likely to include USB-C instead of a Lightning connection at a minimum.

The HomePod mini was launched in November 2020, making it close to four years without a considerable update. The first HomePod generation came out in February 2018, but after a 2021 discontinuation, a second-gen model appeared in February 2023.

We don’t know if HomePod will get an update soon, but it’s been a while since there was significant action for either model. Apple could surprise everyone with a fall update, but the lack of rumors about it speaks volumes.