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Back of iPhone cracked – How to fix back glass?

iPhones are basic necessities these days, so there’s no way to pass our day without them.

In 2017 Apple introduced the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Models. These iPhones brought something new and exciting among many other features: wireless charging. In order to introduce this new feature, the metal back of the device had to be replaced by glass. The latest iPhones all have back glass in their design.

The new look is more luxurious, there is no doubt about it, however, drops can occur, and the back of your iPhone can get cracked easily. So if the back of your iPhone is cracked, is an iPhone back glass replacement possible? What’s the repair cost? Let’s dive into more details about it.

Benefits and drawbacks of the iPhone back glass

Unfortunately, iPhones have become quite fragile due to glass material.

According to Apple, they use the most durable glass that has ever been built into smartphones. But at the end of the day, glass is made of glass, so it’s not unbreakable. Of course, there was a reason to introduce the back glass so now let’s have a look at the benefits before examining the drawbacks of the back glass.

The benefits of glass back

The main motivation behind designing a glass back for your iPhone was to allow wireless charging which is also known as Qi charging. This inductive charging needs to pass through the back cover of your Apple device. As a result, Apple had to switch from aluminium to glass because the former interferes with the inductive signal.

Though plastic would have done the job too, glass has a far more elegant appearance and is considered to be more durable as well.

It comes as no surprise that Apple users choose iPhones because they look fancy, and an iPhone is more like a work of art rather than a gadget to be used every day. So, of course, Apple has decided to go with the luxurious look. This can be considered as another benefit of the back glass.

Downsides of iPhone back glass

Though Apple uses a pretty durable glass in their iPhones, at the end of the day we talk about glass. So if you strike it hard enough, it’s more than likely that your iPhone glass will crack.

As a result of introducing the rear glass, iPhones have become quite fragile. Apart from that, the back glass has an impact on replacements as well – the back glass of newer iPhone models are a lot more difficult to repair.

Back of iPhone cracked – Why is this causing a problem?

We know that accidents can happen – you can drop your iPhone unintentionally even if you take really good care of it.

You can meet a lot of people with broken back glass or even broken screens. Many times, these do not influence the functionality of your iPhone, however, it’s rather difficult to use it. You can tap the screen, swipe on it, you can even connect to Wi-Fi, however, it’s extremely hard to read anything on your screen. Apart from that, you lose one of the most important benefits of iPhones – their chic look.

Does a cracked back on the iPhone mean that the iOS device cannot be used anymore? No, if the damage is only aesthetic. However, the resale value of your iPhone will be affected, so you need to take this into consideration.

It’s important to note that more substantial cracks can cause other problems.

It’s very important to be careful with shattered glass for safety reasons. Though you would not lose any functionality with your shattered glass and you may be even willing to give up on the beautiful look of your iPhone, it’s not safe to hold it in your hand all day long.

Because of the sharp edges, you can easily cut your fingers, even your face. Apart from that, water, dust, or any kind of liquid can easily get into your phone through the fractures. If the back glass is cracked, your iPhone will also lose its water resistance.


How can you replace a broken iPhone glass back? 

Many Apple device users think that a crack on the back glass is just an aesthetic issue and they keep using their iPhone without having it fixed. However, it’s important to know that probably the crack will be bigger over time. So your iPhone needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

If you have dropped your iPhone and the back of it is broken, there are many ways to deal with it:

  • You can purchase a case
  • You can try to replace the back of your iPhone yourself
  • You can buy a new iPhone
  • You can get your iPhone back replaced by professionals

1. You can purchase a case

If the back of your iPhone is cracked, you probably didn’t have a case to start with. We know that lots of iPhone users are against using a case because they want to enjoy the beautiful design of their Apple device.

Putting your damaged iPhone in a case can be helpful, however, this is not the ultimate solution. If you ever take it out, you will face the same issues mentioned above.

2. Replace the back of your iPhone yourself

Should you opt for a do-it-yourself repair?

On no account should you try repairing your iPhone at home.

You may fix a lot of things yourself when it comes to your electronics, however, iPhones are built in a way that makes it too difficult to repair them for someone who is not a professional in iPhone repair. You will find no screws keeping together your iPhone’s back and the internal components. Since there are no gaps either, it’s hard to pull them apart too.

Without the right technique, you can easily damage the inside components of your iPhone.

3. Buy a new iPhone

Buying a new iPhone is always an option, however, it is the most expensive one, obviously.

Thanks to modern technology, it’s not necessary to throw your old iPhone away just because the back of your iPhone is cracked.

There is a much more affordable way: you can get your iPhone fixed using a professional iPhone Repair Service.

4. Get the cracked back of your iPhone replaced by professionals

iPhone back glass repair is the best thing that can happen to your phone.

Repair shops like iPhone Repair Base will repair the broken back glass of your iPhone at a reasonable price. You will get high-quality parts for your phone with a 1-year warranty.

iPhone back glass repair with laser machine 

The laser machine removes the broken back glass of your iPhone easily. The machine is cost-effective, so iPhone users don’t need to pay as much as they used to. With laser machines, iPhone repair experts can separate the frames, bezel, and back glasses of iPhones. (Of course, this method works with many other types of smartphones too.)

Using a laser machine to replace a broken back glass is extremely efficient and safe.

The laser can easily separate glass from the metal surface of your phone. The laser beam has two rotations. We use the first one to remove the adhesive of the glass, and with the second one, we fully remove the glass.

With the laser technique, we can quickly and effectively replace your iPhone back glass.

Now you can save quite a lot of money by visiting an iPhone repair shop and having your phone’s back glass repaired there.


Remember, any piece of glass can shatter easily if it falls the wrong way. So if you have cracked the back of your iPhone, contact iPhone Repair Base for a quick and professional repair!

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