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Don’t settle for less — your PC can operate with Windows 11 Pro for less than $23!

TL;DR: Make your PC a beacon of security and productivity when you upgrade its OS to Windows 11 Pro, now available for only $22.97 (reg. $199) until July 21.

Just because you may have bought an older PC or laptop this year doesn’t mean you have to settle for an older operating system. Any techie knows that an OS makes or breaks a device!

Luckily, Microsoft’s latest and most up-to-date OS, Windows 11 Pro, is now on sale for less than $23 thanks to Macworld’s version of Prime Day: Deal Days. However, this deal only lasts until July 21.

This OS has everything longtime Microsoft fans love: a clean interface packed with features designed for productivity, security, and robust support for gaming.

Working from home? Use Windows 11 Pro’s snap layouts, redocking options, improved voice typing, and more to streamline your workflow. It even has a smart AI assistant, Copilot, to help speed up your research and automate everyday tasks like changing settings, summarizing docs, and more.

If you’re worried about security, this OS is designed to protect users and their devices fully. It comes with biometric login, TPM 2.0, Smart App Control, and a plethora of other enhancements to prevent cybercrimes, viruses, and other digital breaches.

Don’ wait! You only have until July 21 at 11:59 PM Pacific to upgrade your PC’s OS to Windows 11 Pro for just $22.97.No coupon is necessary to score this deal.


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Only $22.97 at Macworld

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