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Fly high with $50 off this 4K obstacle-avoiding drone

Want to fly a drone, but worried that you’re going to crash it? This 4K dual-camera drone is built for novice flyers, complete with automatic obstacle avoidance, at a special low price through June 9th.

This 4K drone has a suite of easy-fly features, starting with the one-button start and stop function. A three-way obstacle avoidance system ensures that you keep your drone safe, away from wires, poles, and other crash hazards. It also has optical flow positioning, which has the drone lock onto a subject and hover, so you can record smoother footage without riding the sticks.

The front camera has a 90-degree view with a belly camera offering 120 degrees, so you can easily capture anything you’re looking for. Gesture control adds another ease of use feature, or connect your phone to the included controller. The included battery offers 15 minutes of flight time, more than enough to fit in practice sessions, and the unit folds up for easy storage, making it ideal for beginners and pilots in need of a backup.

Get in the air with this beginner-friendly dual 4K camera drone for $69.97, $50 off the $119 MSRP now through 11:59PM PST June 9th.


4K Dual-Camera Drone for Beginners with Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance – $69.97

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