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Former Apple hardware engineer joins Rivian

A former Apple engineer has joined the automaker Rivian, known for its electric vehicles

A former Apple hardware engineer, who worked at the company for over a decade, has recently joined the automaker Rivian.

While he was employed by Apple, Jeff Alves was the company’s Director of Hardware Engineering. As part of the company’s battery engineering team, he worked on various projects such as the charging system for the original Apple Watch.

“I joined Apple in 2013 with a leap of faith. I had no idea what I would be working on, but I was hoping for something fast-paced, and I got it! I contributed to shipping the first Apple Watch by leading the charging system development,” Alves said in the post. “This all happened within about 18 months of joining – lots of white board sessions, numerous emails and meetings, more than a few invaluable lessons learned and a couple of trips to China. I loved this time at Apple and the people I met!”

Alves’ new role at Rivian will be Senior Director of Battery Engineering. At the company, he will work alongside his former Apple coworkers, Jonas Reinke and DJ Novotney, both of whom left Apple and joined Rivian earlier this year.