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Get ready for the onslaught: World War Z is now $19 on Steam

TL;DR: Gather some friends and see how long you can survive the zombie apocalypse in World War Z, now available on Steam for less than $20.

As depicted in the 2013 movie World War Z, the zombie apocalypse is a pretty hopeless place to be. But in the video game version, it turns out to be a great way to load up on ammo and bond with your squad. Over 20 million players have tested their own nerve against the zombie hordes, and now you can join them with Steam key access to World War Z on PC for less than $20.

There’s a ton of replay value to this game: You can take on the main story campaign alone or solo, then — as if the zombies weren’t enough — face off against other players and the undead hordes in “PvPvZ” mode. Either way, you can choose your path to survival via one of eight distinct character classes, unlocking new weapons and strategies along the way.

Get your Steam key to World War Z on PC today for $19 (reg. $29). 

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