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How to plan hikes & other outdoor adventures in Apple Maps with iOS 18

Apple Maps offers hiking routes in iOS 18

Apple Maps in iOS 18 has been significantly upgraded, offering hikers and outdoor enthusiasts new ways to plan adventures. Here’s how to prepare for a hike in Apple Maps.

The updates to iOS 18’s Maps app make it an invaluable tool for planning hikes and outdoor activities. With detailed mapping, real-time data, and a wealth of user-generated content, Maps provides a comprehensive solution for outdoor enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner, iOS 18 Maps ensures that your next adventure is well-planned and enjoyable. And since Apple added the ability to download maps offline with iOS 17, hikers can feel safe without an internet connection.

You can create custom topographic hiking trail maps on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and access them on both your iPhone and Apple Watch.

However, you might find that certain parks or hiking trails don’t have the “Trailheads” button, or you want to create a walking route through a city. In that case, you can start a custom route.

Apple Maps in iOS 18 enhances the hiking and outdoor planning experience with detailed topographical maps, real-time data, and user-generated content. These features ensure that both seasoned hikers and beginners can plan their adventures effectively and safely, even offline. Whether following popular trails or creating custom routes, iOS 18 Maps offers tools for a fun outing.