You are currently viewing iPhone Mirroring available for beta test in late June

iPhone Mirroring available for beta test in late June

SharePlay Screen Sharing on an iPad

Developers will get a first look at Apple’s new iPhone Mirroring and SharePlay screen sharing as soon as next week, according to an Apple spokesperson.

Announced at WWDC 2024, iPhone Mirroring enables Mac users to remotely control their iPhones. With macOS Sequoia, users gain full access and control of their devices through iPhone Mirroring while the iPhone remains securely locked.

SharePlay Screen Sharing has been available since iPadOS 17, but Apple is introducing two new features to enhance the experience. Starting in iPadOS 18, you can draw on your screen to provide visual guidance to friends and family on their devices.

If drawing isn’t enough, you can request permission to remotely control their iPad or iPhone. This will be particularly useful for those who frequently assist less tech-savvy friends and family with various tasks.