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Report: Apple kills Vision Pro 2 to focus on lower-cost headset for 2025

According to a new report from The Information, Apple has suspended work on the high-end successor to the Vision Pro (you could call it Vision Pro 2). The report says Apple has told at least one supplier, according to “an employee at a manufacturer that makes key components for the Vision Pro.”

This doesn’t mean that Apple has no faith in its new Spatial Computing category, but rather is just learning about how much people are willing to pay for it. Apple had reportedly been working on two new Vision products: a refreshed high-end “Pro” model with enhanced capabilities, and a more affordable model that Apple would aim to sell for a price similar to that of a high-end iPhone. Apple had intended to get the more affordable model out by the end of 2025 but is said to be struggling to bring manufacturing costs down without cutting back on features and performance too much.

Work continues on the more affordable model, the report claims. In fact, one could see this development as Apple prioritizing it, making sure their development efforts aren’t split in an attempt to ensure the lower-cost Vision product makes it to market on time.

Apple just announced VisionOS 2 at WWDC on June 10, a relatively minor upgrade as expected when VisionOS was just released in February. The company is working hard to bring the product to other regions, announcing availability in four new Asia regions in June 28 and Canada, France, Germany, and the U.K. on July 12.

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