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Rosetta Stone language learning can be a career game-changer

If you’re bilingual in the U.S., you can expect an average salary of 5 to 20% more than those who only speak one language, according to an MIT economist. 

Whether you think Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin or any of 22 other languages could be your key to professional mobility, a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone’s renowned language learning system could be the step you need to put you in that higher income bracket.

As a PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award winner for Best Language-Learning Software 5 years running, Rosetta Stone is a proven winner. They offer an immersive learning method that mimics the natural process of language acquisition, focused on listening, speaking, reading, and writing so a learner’s language skills develop much as they would in real-life situations.  

Rosetta Stone focuses on exactly what new students need. Instead of emphasizing dry vocabulary or conjugation drills, Rosetta Stone’s immersive approach offers easily digestible bite-sized lessons so learners draw natural connections between words, phrases, and sentences. 

Powered by award-winning interactive software, Rosetta Stone’s proprietary speech recognition technology then monitors a learner’s words and pronunciation at a rate of 100 times per second. It then gives feedback on what a learner is doing well as well as highlighting areas where they  could use a little extra work so skills are always improving.

Right now, a lifetime of access to Rosetta Stone’s entire language training archives is available at well over half off the retail price. Regularly $399, it’s now just $151.99 if you make your purchase before June 16. Just use the codeword ROSETTA during checkout to lock in your limited time price.


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