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Snatch a 4-pack of smart plugs that work with Siri for $9 each

Smartening up your house can sometimes be as easy as adding some Kasa Smart Plugs, especially when a four-pack is just $36 at Amazon, down from its usual $50. This deal is a fantastic opportunity to get some really cool smart outlets that integrate seamlessly with Siri and the Apple ecosystem, as well as with Alexa or Google Assistant.

As mentioned, these compact smart plugs are fully compatible with Apple HomeKit, which means you can ask Siri to control them for you. Plug one of these in your living room and the lamp in it, or put one in the kitchen and plug the coffee machine in it, and you can just ask Siri to turn off the lamp or kickstart your morning coffee.

For those seeking to save some money on their energy bills (don’t we all?), the Kasa Smart app allows users to track real-time energy usage and even check for historical power consumption levels. Setting up these smart plugs is a breeze, too, as you only have to use the Kasa app and spend a couple of minutes of your time. The compact design ensures these plugs won’t block you from using other outlets and that you can even stack two of them easily. We have several of them in our homes and they work incredibly well, instantly turning any non-HomeKit device into one that’s 100 percent compatible with Siri.

So, if you have $36 extra right now, you should definitely make your life easier with this four-pack of smart outlets.

Get 4 Kasa Smart Plugs for $36