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Sonos removes a promise to not sell personal data, gets busted by users

Sono users are angry about recent changes to the lineup’s apps and T&Cs.

Audio hardware maker Sonos has removed a promise from its US user agreement that it wouldn’t sell users’ personal information, which went unnoticed until eagle-eyed users spotted the change.

The pledge, which had been in all previous versions of the user agreement, was excised in a revision dated June 2024. The change was first noticed on a Reddit forum devoted to Sonos gear soon afterwards, and garnered immediate negative reactions.

Sonos, in making this change, seems to be inviting further user discontent following a negative reaction to the recent redesign of its controller app for iOS. The new version drew user ire after dropping numerous features that had been in the previous version, such as the ability to shuffle the song list or edit it on the fly.

In that change, Adobe appeared to give itself perpetual worldwide rights to use content created by users and stored in Creative Cloud for any purpose, including potentially training its AI engine. Adobe has since had to issue two further clarifications in an effort to correct the unclear wording of the original update.

Adobe also reassured users that it would not leverage user-created content to train its Firefly AI engine or take ownership of any images or sounds created by its software. It has not yet, however, made clear if the terms give it the right to license user content to other entities.