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Take $100 off the Apple Watch Series 9 and kick your summer workouts into high gear

We already love the Apple Watch Series 9, but knowing that it dropped to its best price ever somehow makes us love it more. Now available for $299 at Amazon, a whole $100 under its MSRP, it’s the best time to get yourself an upgrade.

The Apple Watch Series 9 is a gorgeous smartwatch that can be the perfect companion to help you lead a healthier life while still staying connected. The device has a super bright display, features a powerful S9 chip, and comes with some pretty cool features.

When we reviewed the Apple Watch Series 9, we loved quite a few of its things about it, including the fantastic battery life. Apple rates it for 18 hours, but you can generally get a lot more out of it: “In none of my tests did the Series 9 give me less than 38 hours, and in my most scientific test, it lasted very nearly 48 hours,” noted our expert David Price.

By far the coolest thing about it, however, is the ability to tap together your thumb and index finger on the hand you’re wearing the Watch in place of double tapping. Whether you want to respond to notifications, answer phone calls, take photos, and so on, this is a superb way to use the Apple Watch Series 9. You’ll also appreciate the advanced health features, as the device can take an ECG anytime, track body temperature trends, and send alerts if you have an irregular heart rhythm. It can also track sleep stages and will notify emergency services if you experience a hard fall and can’t get up.

It’ll also be ready for watchOS 11 when it arrives this fall with new workout and fitness features, including an improved Photos face, new training modes, and the ability to pause Activity rings for a day or more.

There’s never been a better time to get the Apple Watch Series 9 than right now, so go ahead and place your order before the deal expires.

Get the Apple Watch Series 9 for $299