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The Apple Watch SE 2nd gen is an absolute steal at 25% off

If you want an Apple Watch right now, get the SE 2nd gen because it’s down to $189 at Amazon. With an MSRP of $249, this is the most affordable this smartwatch has been outside of Black Friday, and we know we’re unlikely to get those same price levels anytime soon.

The Apple Watch SE has everything you could want with a friendlier price tag. It can keep you motivated to work out, it can track your activities, it will keep you up to date with all your notifications, and it can even keep you safe through features such as Crash Detection, Fall Detection, and Emergency SOS. The smartwatch takes things a step further by also alerting if of irregular heart rhythms or high heart rate levels. Whatever sports you’re into, it will help track your workouts. Oh, and you’ll even get three months of free access to Apple Fitness+ so you can have even more fun while staying healthy.

The watch will also do what every other model does—keep you connected to your smartphone by displaying texts, calls, and music controls. And of course, you’ll get Siri support as well as all of the new watchOS 11 features this fall. Bottom line: You’re only missing out on higher-end sensors (temperature, EKG) and an always-on display.

So, whatever situation you’re in, the Apple Watch SE 2nd gen is a fantastic assistant and at this price, it’s a fantastic deal too.

The Aple Watch SE 2nd gen is only $189