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This 25,000mAh Ugreen Power Bank is just nearly half-off right now

If you often find yourself frustrated by your iPhone’s lack of battery life, then you’ll love having this Ugreen Power Bank at your disposal. Now available for $84 at Amazon, this 25,000mAh power bank has a retail price of $150, which makes the current discount remarkable.

Equipped with 145W fast charging, the Ugreen Power Bank features can deliver a rapid recharge to your devices. Even the mighty battery of a 13-inch MacBook Air can be filled fully in just 90 minutes with this power bank. The same Ugreen gadget will have your smartphone charged up in a blink.

Since the Ugreeb Power Bank boasts a massive 25,000mAh battery capacity, you can completely recharge laptops up to 1.3 times and mobile devices up to 5.6 times. It’s the ideal solution for long trips, busy workdays, or any situation where you need reliable power without access to an outlet.

I have this exact model, and I can say that it’s a bit heavy at 1.1 pounds, but since it holds that much power, that’s easily “forgiven.” Otherwise, it’s about the size of two smartphones on top of each other, which means it will easily fit in your bag. One of the coolest things about this power bank is that it itself can be charged super fast. So not only can it quickly charge your gadgets, but it can also recharge in about 2 hours, which is rather impressive for such a high capacity.

There’s even a smart LED display on the side of the power bank where you can check out how much battery power there’s still left. There are three ports available–two USB-C and one USB-A–but only one, the “Out1” USB-C port, will deliver 100-plus watts.

So go ahead and shell out $84 for the Ugreen Power Bank. If you’re not a Prime member just yet, you can always sign up for a free 30-day free trial.

Get a 25,000mAh Ugreen Power Bank for $84