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This incredible $18 Anker power bank will fit into your palm

When you’re out and about, it’s always a fantastic idea to have a portable power bank on you because you never know just how fast your phone will drain. The Anker Nano portable charger is a fantastic choice since it’s only $18 at Amazon, down from $26, and it’s the best price yet.

This is a super compact portable power bank that will even fit into women’s pockets. I just recently got one of these, and it performed super well, keeping my phone alive during a Coldplay concert.

The Anker Nano has a 5,000mAh capacity, which should provide you with a full charge for your device – or pretty close to it. Whether you’re binge-watching your favorite series on a long journey or need to make sure your phone still has juice to call an Uber after the concert’s done, the tiny Anker Nano has you covered.

The Anker Nano has a built-in Lightning connector, making it incredibly convenient for Apple users. You won’t need to carry any extra cables or anything—you just plug it into your smartphone and go about your day. Since this is the Lightning connector version, it won’t work with the newer iPhone models. The Anker Nano’s USB-C version is on sale for $19 at Amazon.

Since the connector flips into place, I suggest you hold onto both the battery and your phone while it’s plugged in. The Anker Nano is fairly light, but you’ll still feel its weight, and you really don’t want it to drop to the ground. The power bank has 12W fast charging capability, which allows you to power your device quickly and efficiently.

Since the Anker Nano is only $18 at Amazon right now, there should be nothing keeping you from adding this tiny thing to your cart straight away.

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