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Three new games are now available for the Apple Vision Pro

Battle together with friends in “Demeo”

The Apple Vision Pro has picked up three new games including oldie-but-goodie “Job Simulator,” its follow-up “Vacation Simulator,” and tabletop survival RPG “Demeo.”

Job Simulator, which came out in 2016, asks players to step into the shoes of various jobs, like mechanics, chefs, office workers, and store clerks — but gives players plenty of freedom to complete tasks in any way they wish.

Also out for the Apple Vision Pro is the follow-up title Vacation Simulator. Players are tasked with relaxing to the max while participating in all the standard vacation activities, such as snorkeling, snowball fights, whitewater rafting, building sandcastles, and taking hikes.

Job Simulator is available for $19.99, and Vacation Simulator is priced at $29.99 on the visionOS App Store.

Demeo , initially released to the Oculus Quest in 2021, is a tabletop-themed role-playing game. This cross-platform cooperative adventure allows up to four players to recreate all the magic and camaraderie of gathering around a tabletop with friends to battle against evil forces.

Demeo requires strategy, cunning, and teamwork. It is a journey through a fantasy world that only the bravest band of heroes can hope to survive.

According to the developers, Demeo features hand-tracking, bumping up the immersive qualities of the title.

There’s also an option to play in a Windowed 2D mode, which allows players to utilize a windowed space within the Apple Vision Pro. This will enable them to use other apps, like watching Apple TV+ or making a FaceTime call. When in Windowed mode, Demeo supports third-party gamepads.

Demeo is available on the Apple Vision Pro App Store for $39.99. One purchase allows play across iPad, Mac, and Apple Vision Pro.