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VisionOS 2 will let you turn any flat photo into a spatial one

During its WWDC keynote, Apple kicked off the announcements with a look at visionOS 2. Coming to the Vision Pro later this year, this OS update packs a slew of new improvements and features that will further enhance the company’s spatial computer. Here are the biggest features users can look forward to this fall:


One of the most notable upgrades coming to visionOS 2 is the ability to transform regular, 2D images into spatial ones. Similar to the existing Spatial Video feature, this would detect subjects and add a 3D effect to them—making the viewing experience more realistic when using a Vision Pro. Beyond that, SharePlay in the Photos app on visionOS 2 will let multiple Vision Pro users enjoy a media viewing session while being physically apart.

Mac Virtual Display

With the original visionOS, Apple lets Mac users rely on the Vision Pro as an external 4K display. With visionOS 2, the company is boosting this handy feature by supporting wide and ultra-wide screen views. This would enable users to further extend their virtual workspace and interact with more on-screen elements at the same time.

And speaking of virtual displays, visionOS 2 brings AirPlay receiving support to the Vision Pro. This will allow users to seamlessly mirror media from their iPhones or iPads to their spatial computers.

Home Screen upgrades

The Apple Vision Pro launched with a static Home Screen that gives users little control over it. visionOS 2 will address that, allowing users to arrange app icons as desired. So, instead of being limited to an alphabetically sorted grid, you will be able to customize the view however you want.

Other features

Other visionOS 2 additions include mouse support, keyboard improvements, and new hand gestures. These should make controlling the Vision Pro more practical, particularly for those using it for productivity tasks and getting professional work done.

Beyond that, Apple has included some new APIs that visionOS app developers can utilize, such as Volumetric APIs, TabletopKit, and Enterprise APIs. That’s not to mention HealthKit support, which will unlock new potential revolving around users’ health data.

Third-party partnerships

To further popularize Vision Pro and encourage its use, Apple is partnering with Canon and Blackmagic Design to bring Apple Immersive Experiences to content creators. Both companies will launch cameras with dual lenses that can capture Spatial Video footage. The Vimeo app on visionOS will also be updated to support the aforementioned format.

Furthermore, Apple is expanding Vision Pro availability to some international markets in the coming month. These include China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Vision Pro users can expect Apple to seed visionOS 2 developer beta 1 later today. Those who prefer sticking to stable software can otherwise download and install the update once it’s out of beta this fall.