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Apple’s first HomePod, AirPods are now ‘vintage’

A HomePod in use

The original HomePod is now a “vintage” item according to Apple, making it the first from the smart speaker range to be given the designation.

Apple’s support pages has a list of products that Apple deems to be vintage or obsolete, depending on how long they have been on the market. For support purposes, vintage items can still be eligible for servicing by Apple, but obsolete products are not.

Typically, if Apple has stopped distributing the product for more than five years, it’s considered vintage. After seven years, it’s obsolete.

The latest update to the page, which took place on July 1, has a few new additions. The most significant of which is the first-generation HomePod on the “TV & Home products vintage worldwide” list.

The listing, initially reported by MacRumors only affects the first-gen model of HomePod. The second-gen release and the HomePod mini are not considered vintage at this time, and won’t be for a few more years.

Another addition is the iPhone X, Apple’s first full-screen smartphone, and a game-changer for the company’s design aesthetic. Lastly, the first generation of AirPods have joined the list as the only product in the line classed as vintage.

Just like the HomePod, newer models of AirPods and iPhones are not affected by the vintage and obsolete lists.