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Uh-oh Apple’s Weather app is broken again

Whether you’re braving the heat in California or hoping the rain passes you by on the East Coast, we all check our Weather app multiple times a day. Except not today—numerous users are reporting that Apple’s Weather app is broken.

We can confirm that the Weather app on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, is returning either blank or old data when launched. The outage extends to the Weather widget as well, which reads “Weather Unavailable” instead of the current conditions. On my device, the app showed a blank screen for about a minute before defaulting to the most recent data.

Apple’s System Status page shows that the Weather app is experiencing an outage, and several reports on X as well as the IsItDownRightNow site show that numerous users reporting issues with the app.

iPhone users experienced widespread issues with the Weather app last year that lasted several days and affected all users and devices. It was finally fixed for good with the iOS 16.4.1 update, but the issues experienced Wednesday appear to be similar to the ones from last year.

Apple overhauled the Weather app in iOS 17 with expanded forecasts, new modules, and expanded data. Apple acquired the Dark Sky Weather app in 2020 and shuttered the app in 2023, but many users still lament the loss of the popular app. Apple has gradually been adding Dark Sky features to iOS updates, but interface and features are very different.