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This $38 Baseus block will fast-charge all your Apple gear at once

If you’re just as tired as I am of juggling multiple chargers for your devices, the Baseus 100W PD GaN3 Wall Charger Block is here to make your life a lot easier. Now available for just $38.59 at Amazon, down from $60, this compact yet powerful charger is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to power up to four devices simultaneously.

Despite its brick-like shape, this is a rather sleek device with tons of power that can quickly charge your phone, tablet, and even your laptop via USB-C. So, whenever you leave the house, or even when setting up your desktop, you’ll end up only needing this tiny device for everything. Its unique design puts the ports in an accessible spot on your desk or at a table rather than sticking out of an outlet, so they can easily be swapped out.

With up to 100W USB-C charging speed, the Baseus charger can power up your MacBook with a quick charge and fill up your iPhone in no time. This kind of speed is a game-changer for those always on the go. It’s also just what you need to declutter your desk of all those extra chargers and cables. What’s super cool about this Baseus 100W charger is its size. It’s 10 lercent smaller than previous GaN2 products and less than half the size of older Baseus chargers. This means it takes up less space, keeping your desk tidy while delivering powerful charging.

When buying this Baseus wall charger, you should remember to also add that $10 on-page coupon to get the best price you possibly can at Amazon.

The Baseus 100W Wall Charger Block is only $38